At What Temperature Should You Turn on The Heat?

Outdoor thermometer in the ground measuring the temperature to tell when to turn on the heat in Atlanta

How do you know when it is time to turn on the heat? Is there a certain temperature that signals it is time to switch on the furnace? In this blog post, we will explore what outside temperature signals it is time to turn on the heat. We will also discuss how to save money on your heating bill this winter!

Look for the Right Moment for YOU

It can be tricky to know when to turn on the heat. You don't want to wait too long and end up with a cold house, but you also don't want to turn it on too early and waste money. So, at what temp should you put the heat on?

No One Answer

One thing to keep in mind is that every home is different. The ideal temperature for one home might not be comfortable for another. It is important to listen to your own body and gauge what temperature feels comfortable for you. With that said, there are some general guidelines you can follow.

If the outside temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it is probably time to start thinking about turning on the heat. Once the temperature drops below 50 degrees, you will probably want to turn on the heat. Of course, this is just a general guideline; if it is already starting to feel chilly in your home, you can go ahead and turn on the heat.

Watch the Forecast

Another thing to consider is the weather forecast. If the temperature is going to drop significantly in the next few days, it might be a good idea to go ahead and turn on the heat. This way, you can avoid having a cold house and a high heating bill!

Know Your Home

There are a few other factors to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to turn on the heat. For example, if your home is drafty or poorly insulated, you might want to turn on the heat sooner than someone who has a well-insulated home.

Discover reasons why your home isn't getting warm enough.

Ultimately, the decision of when to turn on the heat is up to you! Just make sure to listen to your body and pay attention to the weather forecast. By doing this, you can stay comfortable all winter long, without breaking the bank! And if you need help with your system, turn to us for help with heating in Atlanta, we also offer our HVAC services in Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Virginia Highlands and Atlanta.