Frequently Asked Questions


We are a Trane Authorized dealer, which means we undergo rigorous training to become experts in all Trane HVAC equipment.  We also service well-known brands such as Carrier,  Rheem, Kenmore, and other common HVAC equipment brands.

To figure out the source of your problem, we run a series of diagnostic tests on your HVAC system. This requires a trained technician to run multiple tests to see what the issue truly is. The amount of time it takes depends on the true nature of the problem. Since this requires labor and tools, we have to charge for this service. Our diagnostic charges are not waived when we do repairs.

We provide three-hour windows for appointment visits due to two factors. First, we want to give you flexibility, so that you can choose an approximate time to be ready for us. Plus, some visits may take longer and we need to account for extra time we spend with your equipment. Second, we need to manage our schedule and be available for all of our customers. By leaving room for flexibility in scheduling, we can better serve all our customers.

Yes! We have trained and certified plumbers on staff who can provide both gas and electric water heater installation and repair and e install and service both traditional and tankless water heaters. For the broader scope of plumbing services we partner with A-Total Plumbing under the Ace Hardware Home Services brand family.

The most important thing is making sure your filter is designed for your system. Check your manufacturer’s guide or your owner’s manual for your HVAC system or furnace and see what kind of filter you should use. However, we generally recommend using a 1” fiberglass filter.

No. In fact, refrigerant almost never needs to be added to an HVAC system for any reason. Refrigerant is not like fuel, where you need to continuously add more to keep the system operating. If your air conditioner doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it’s because there’s a leak in the system. Once the leak is fixed, an HVAC technician will add more refrigerant to your system and you won’t need to add anything. But, not all leaks are repairable and some will require a replacement part.

We recommend leaving it on AUTO for most purposes. If you are concerned about your own home’s ability to cool itself down, give us a call at 470-563-1148 and we’ll help you out.

Leaking evaporator coils may not be repairable because the leak is caused by the corrosion of the metal tubing that surrounds the coil. If we find that your evaporator coil cannot be repaired, we will quote you for the cost of replacing the coil. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to replace the air conditioner unit entirely and we can advise you if this is the case.

Variable speed describes how a blower motor changes speed. A variable speed system has a blower that speeds up and slows down slowly, rather than simply shutting off and turning on when it’s told to by the thermostat. The benefits of a variable speed system is that it provides greater humidity control and is more energy efficient overall.

Think of multi-stage HVAC equipment as having multiple settings, such as “low,” “medium,” and “high”. Single-stage HVAC equipment simply has “on” or “off”. The aim of multi stage equipment is to provide a more comfortable home while staying highly energy efficient. You can tell whether you have multi-stage heating or cooling by looking at the wiring: if there is only one wire for heating and one wire for cooling, you have a single-stage system. If you have multiple wires, you could have one of several types of multi-stage HVAC systems.

Your system is at risk for breakdowns due to normal wear. HVAC systems are made up of thousands of moving parts and use a great deal of energy as they run day in and day out. Over time different parts can wear down due to usage, but regular maintenance can help you detect this wear and tear before it becomes a big problem. Instead of getting caught in an HVAC emergency, regular maintenance can help you catch issues before they arise, and save you money in the long run with our Total Comfort Service Plan.

You should get HVAC maintenance done a few times per year. We offer air conditioner maintenance just before the temperatures start to rise, and heating maintenance when the temperatures begin to fall. Check out our Total Comfort Service Plan for more details!

If you own a Carrier unit, they cover failed parts during the stated warrant period. These are limited to manufacturer’s defects and will cover labor costs associated with them through the first year. To get information on non-manufacturer specific warranty information, please call us at 470-563-1148.

Each unit in your HVAC system has a different life expectancy. For example, you can expect an air conditioner to last between 10 and 15 years, whereas a furnace will last for more than 20. Your HVAC system’s overall life expectancy will depend on other variables such as whether it was sized correctly for your home, the relative climate of your home, and how often it’s used.

The real question is, “Is my air conditioner or furnace correctly sized for my home?” If you’re not making large extensions to your home, you should never have to change the size of your HVAC components. But, some homes have HVAC systems that were not sized correctly. You will know this is the case if you have higher energy bills than you should despite feeling uneven temperatures throughout the home, and our experts can help you determine if you have the right size system.