Reasons Your Home Isn’t Getting Warm Enough

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Isn’t it frustrating to stay in a cold environment indoors when you expect your furnace to be heating your home correctly? Perhaps you noticed your furnace making loud noises and not operating optimally as it used to. You may also notice your furnace not keeping up with thermostat reading.

You may want to even out the heat in your home to make you comfortable, but you don’t know the reasons why your unit is misbehaving. In this article, you’ll get to know the reasons your home isn’t getting warm enough. But first, how fast should your unit heat the house if it’s in good condition?


So how fast should a furnace heat a house? On average, once you turn on your furnace, it should take about an hour to increase indoor temperature by 1 degree. Afterwards, it’s 45 minutes per degree. And how warm should your house be? During winter, the recommended thermostat reading is around 70 degrees F. During summer, most homeowners keep their temperature at around 68 degrees F.


  1. Your air filter may be clogged. The purpose of your air filter is to prevent dust, hair and other tiny particles from getting into your unit and causing damage. Once these substances accumulate, they may clog up the filter and prevent air from passing through the filter. If this happens, your furnace will be prevented from evenly distributing heat around your home. Experts advise you change your filter every 1-3 months.
  2. The thermostat is faulty. A common mistake most people make to a faulty thermostat is raising the thermostat reading to make up for the comfort deficit. What this does is, it wastes electricity, stresses the system and makes things worse. If the thermostat is faulty and has wrong readings, it will sense the wrong temperature at home and go off earlier, making your indoor space colder. A good HVAC contractor in Atlanta should be able to fix this issue.
  3. The air ducts may be leaking. It’s hard to see the air ducts' location but if your home isn’t getting warm enough, it could be due to leaking air ducts. This causes heated air to escape through holes and gaps. Also, the air pressure in your unit will drop, making it hard for your furnace to supply air. Atlanta HVAC Specialists can however solve this for you.
  4. The furnace is aging and dying. If you notice your unit aging faster than it’s estimated lifespan, a reduction in it’s heating capacity could be a sign that it’s about to die. While you may repair it, it won’t last long. You should consider replacing the system.

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