The Importance Of Good Insulation at Home

Roof insulation in an Atlanta attic to keep heat out

Many homeowners are still not aware of the importance of good insulation at home. Others don’t know what is important for insulation to be effective at home. Insulation is not only associated with keeping your home soundproofed, but also keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

If you don’t want to spend lots of money on energy bills, then insulating your home is a must. Insulating your home simply means reducing heat loss or heat gain – by creating a barrier that separates your home's interior temperature from outside temperaturee.

Why is insulation important?

Ever wondered what is the purpose of insulation? Below are the reasons why insulation is important in your home.

Insulation lowers your heating and cooling costs.

Insulation ensures your home maintains a stable temperature, regardless of how cold or warm the outside temperature is. This reduces the utility costs of heating and cooling, since your HVAC won’t have to overwork to achieve a consistent temperature.

Insulation minimizes noise in your home.

Insulation absorbs sound vibrations that emanate from sources such as media equipment, home appliances, pets, children playing etc. A good insulation system will not only insulate sounds in your walls, but also your floors. This will in turn give home occupants a quieter indoor atmosphere.

Insulation helps conserve energy.

Insulation helps conserve energy by reducing the exchange of heat via surfaces such as walls, attic, roof etc. When your home is well insulated, there will be less warm air escaping from your house during cold seasons, and less cool air escaping during hot seasons. This eventually lowers the amount of energy needed for your HVAC system to operate.

Insulation controls indoor moisture to prevent mold growth.

Indoor home activities such as cooking, showering and washing clothes can create moisture within your home. This moisture creates a perfect environment for mold growth. A well-insulated home ensures dry air circulates in air-tight rooms, thus lowering indoor moisture and eliminating molds.

Home Insulation Tips: Key Home Areas To Insulate

If you want to learn how to better insulate your house, then you need to know the key home areas to insulate. So which areas are these?

  • Attic. Inspect the attic for consistent depth all around.
  • Basement. Inspect the basement walls and ground. Also inspect ceiling holes and openings where pipes run through.
  • Walls and floors.Inspect exterior walls and floors. This can be challenging to do alone but a HVAC expert can help you.
  • Garage. Inspect the garage walls, floors and any other additional rooms.

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