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Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning is the oldest HVAC company in Atlanta, proudly serving the Atlanta area since 1898. While much has changed over the last 125 years, our core values have stayed the same. Whether you’re in the market for an installation or repair, when you partner with Moncrief and Ace Hardware Home Services, you’re guaranteed high quality service, transparency in pricing, and respect.

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Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning is now a part of the Ace Hardware family! Ace Hardware has acquired Moncrief marking a significant milestone for us. The alignment of values, purpose, and vision between Moncrief and Ace Hardware is truly remarkable. With Ace Hardware's dedication to helpful service in local communities and their focus on customer satisfaction, we're excited to continue delivering exceptional HVAC services and quality alongside the resources of the trusted Helpful brand. Together with Ace, we're looking forward to growing and supporting the local community for years to come.

Our Core Values

High Standards

High Standards







Our History

Pre 1900s


Moncrief Furnace Company is founded by Stephen Price Moncrief, the South's first furnace manufacturing and service company of its kind—and the origin of today's Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning!



Laurence Kent, Sr., takes over the company following Stephen Price Moncrief's death, serving as its CEO until 1950. From there, Kent's son, Laurence, Jr., steps in, running the business until 1959.


The Mutz family—who'd had a business relationship with the Kents dating back to the early 1930s—acquires Moncrief from the Kents, leading to the beginning of Moncrief's current era. During this period, Moncrief introduces central and high-velocity air conditioning—a lifesaver during Atlanta's sweltering summers.


Tom Mutz I transfers ownership of Moncrief to his son, Frank, who continues building the business into one of the Atlanta area's leading HVAC Providers.



Today, Moncrief is still helmed by multiple members of the Mutz family. While we stick by tried-and-true traditions, we're proud to continually update our installation, maintenance, and repair services by offering the latest in HVAC technology and customer experience platforms


Moncrief Heating and Air Conditioning

Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning is now an Ace Hardware Company!

Ace Hardware acquires Moncrief, creating a new opportunity to redefine Helpful service in the heating and cooling business.

Our Team

Our team of certified professionals is ready to provide your home or business with unmatched service and care. We’re aware we’re working in close quarters—that’s why our technicians, engineers, and installation craftsmen are committed to delivering customer service that leaves you feeling comfortable—during and after your appointment. Each member of the Moncrief team is here because they’ve found their calling: serving others—and in the places where it matters most!

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Team of Moncrief Certified Professionals

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Moncrief is always looking to add new members to our wonderful team. Whether you have years of experience or you’re looking to get started in HVAC, we want to hear from you. Join our team and benefit from educational and mentorship opportunities, paid training, competitive pay, and schedule management.

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