Why Does Your Air Conditioner Make Noise Even When It's Turned Off?

Why Does Your Air Conditioner Make Noise Even When It's Turned Off?

Hearing your air conditioner making noise when off might have you scratching your head in confusion. Whether it's a gentle hum or a startling bang, understanding the source is the first step toward a solution. This peculiar sound could be coming from either the indoor or outdoor unit, each with its potential reasons.

Troublesome Noises From Your Outdoor Unit

Here are a couple of possible reasons for noises coming from the outdoor unit:

1. Debris and Loose Parts: If you find your air conditioner making gurgling noises when off, it could be due to something as simple as debris or a loose screw inside the unit. These objects might only cause noise when they're in motion, explaining why the sound stops shortly after the unit does.

2. Relay Switch Issues: For those wondering why the air conditioner makes a banging sound when it turns off, the relay switch in the outdoor unit might be failing. This component is crucial for stabilizing incoming voltage, and its malfunction can produce startling sounds.

Noisy Situations With Your Indoor Unit

When it comes to noises from inside, two main issues can arise:

• Blower Motor Faults: If your new air conditioner is making a high-pitched noise when off, it could be due to the blower motor. A poor electrical connection might cause the motor to emit a buzzing sound independent of the AC's operational status.

• Condensate Pump Noises: Sometimes, the culprit behind your air conditioner making a knocking noise when off is the condensate pump. This pump works overtime to drain excess moisture and might continue making noise even after the cycle ends.

Problems Best Left to the Professionals

Most AC problems, especially if they involve electrical connections, are best handled by a licensed HVAC technician. Not addressing potential electrical issues could pose safety risks. Some additional common AC noises include:

1. Hissing or Trickling: A hissing sound can indicate a leak. While air leaks are easier to manage, a coolant leak can be more problematic and costly.

2. Ticking and Clicking: Random clicking noises could hint at electrical issues—a far cry from the normal startup clicks.

3. Rattling and Clanging: Often, this is due to something inside the unit that has come loose.

Ready to Cool Down the Noise?

Not every noise from your air conditioner signals a disaster, but discerning which sounds are normal and which are not can be challenging. For issues beyond the simple tightening of a screw or clearing of debris, professional AC repair in Atlanta becomes essential. For expertise you can trust, turn to Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact us for your HVAC needs.