Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

Moncrief Heating and Air Conditioning technicians wheeling in a new air conditioning unit in Atlanta home

Is your old air conditioner giving you constant headaches due to malfunctions now and then? Are you spending a lot of money on repairs?

If your air conditioner has lasted 10 to 15 years (which is the average lifespan of an AC) then you might want to consider bidding farewell to your old HVAC system. There are plenty of good reasons why you should upgrade your unit, but first, how much will it cost you to install a new ac?

What's the cost of new air conditioner installation?

Homeowners planning on installing an air conditioner that's new should prepare between $2500-$7700. This cost, of course, depends on the size and type of the AC system you need. Contact Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning if you need Air Conditioning Installation in Atlanta or if you need advice on the best AC system that suits your home.

4 Proven benefits of a new air conditioner

Most homeowners know the benefits of air conditioning their homes, but do you know the benefits of installing a new AC? Here's why you should consider upgrading your AC:

Lowered energy usage.

As your AC grows older, it'll start to use more energy than what’s actually required. This is a common problem that not only ACs face, but other electronic devices too. When your AC uses more energy, you'll end up paying more on energy bills. If you've used your AC  past 10 years, you should definitely consider replacing it. As air conditioning technology advances each day, getting a new system means it’s more efficient and reliable than its previous version.

Reduced energy bills.

Once you get hold of a new AC, you'll definitely notice a remarkable drop on how much you spend on energy bills. As mentioned previously above, a newer AC is designed to be efficient, reliable and economical in terms of energy usage than its predecessors.

More comfort.

One of the main advantages of air conditioners is to provide a comfortable air conditioner maintenance. When your system is old, it'll have to overwork to maintain the needed indoor temperatures. An old system will also cool your home much slower hence affecting your comfort. With a new AC, you'll immediately notice its fast rate of cooling and hence you'll be more comfortable at home.


The newer air conditioners being released to the market are built to last longer than their previous versions. Newer AC models use the latest technology and can survive harsh climates and environments. This gives them a longer lifespan and they can last 15 plus years if looked after well.

Are you considering installing a new AC and want to experience the full comfort effects of air conditioning at home? Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning will help you install a new one professionally. They’ve helped lots of other happy homeowners around Atlanta. To see how they do it, check out this article: Why is Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning The Best HVAC Company In Atlanta.