Why Does My Heater Smell Like Something Is Burning?

Man covering his nose from burning smell from his heater

If you've been noticing a strange smell coming from your heater, you're not alone. Many people report this same issue every winter. In most cases, the smell is caused by something burning inside the heater and it's important to take care of it before the problem gets worse. In this blog post, we'll discuss what might be causing the burning smell in your heater and how to fix it.

1. Dirt and Dust Build-Up Getting a Little Heated

One of the most common reasons for a burning smell coming from your heater is simply because it's getting a little too hot. This can happen when there's a build-up of dirt and dust on the heating coils or elements. When they get too hot, they can start to emit a burning smell.

The good news is that this problem is usually easy to fix. Simply vacuum away any dirt and dust that has accumulated on the coils or elements. If they're really caked with grime, you may need to use a brush attachment to get all of the debris out.

2. A Lack of Oil on the Moving Parts

If your heater uses oil to lubricate the moving parts, a burning smell could be a sign that there's not enough oil in the system. When the parts start to grind against each other, they can create a burning smell.

If this is the problem, you'll need to add more oil to the system. Be sure to use the type of oil specified in your owner's manual. Over time, too much oil can also cause problems, so be sure not to add too much.

3. A Problem with an Electrical Component

In some cases, a burning smell coming from your heater may be caused by an electrical problem. If a wire or component is overheating, it can emit a burning smell. is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as flickering lights or sparks.

If you suspect an electrical problem, it’s important to turn off your heater and call a professional for help. Trying to fix the problem yourself could be dangerous.

Keep in mind electrical issues could also be one of the reasons your home isn't getting warm enough.

Solving the Problem

If you've been noticing a burning smell coming from your heater, there are a few possible causes. In most cases, the problem is relatively easy to fix. However, if you suspect an electrical issue, it's best to call an Atlanta heating professional for help. By taking care of the problem right away, you can keep your home comfortable all year long.