What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Residential HVAC?

Man wondering about making decisions for his HVAC system

If you’ve ever searched for an HVAC service in Atlanta, you’ve likely noticed that some companies will specialize in either residential or commercial systems, while others will offer unique services for each. You might be wondering why that is. Is there really a difference between residential and commercial HVAC setups besides their size? Absolutely! Below, we dive into the most notable difference between commercial and residential systems.

Commercial Systems Are Bigger

Yes, you likely already guessed as much, but it might surprise you just how big. Most people have never seen a commercial AC or furnace because they are hidden out of sight, often on the roof or in a basement that customers don’t access. However, these units are massive and require a lot of calculations to install properly. Placing them in the wrong spot can spell disaster for a building.

Commercial Systems Are Complex

Commercial HVAC systems need to be able to cool different areas of a building at different times and to different temperatures. The same is true for heating. Plus, they need to move air around a large building, and do it all without being distracting. Basically, a lot goes into installing, repairing, and maintain these systems.

Commercial HVACs Need a Lot of Plumbing

Just like with residential systems, there is a need for drainage. However, this need is much greater. In most commercial structures, there will be an entire system of pipes just for the HVAC drainage system. Plus you need water to keep the AC cool.

Commercial Systems Are Modular

This sounds strange, but basically what it means is that they can be reduced or expanded pretty easily. They are installed with the idea that they might need to be reconfigured in the near future. Think about shopping complexes with individual store fronts. If one business takes over two spaces, you need to be able to combine their HVAC systems. With residential systems, this is not a concern.

Commercial HVACs Are Pricy

Compared to residential units, commercial ones are very expensive. This makes sense; they are larger and need to generate a lot more power. However, this also means they are bigger investments, and you want to protect them. Are you in need of a commercial HVAC service in Atlanta? Moncrief Air is ready to help. Our technicians excel at working with commercial and industrial systems, including routine maintenance and installation.