Different Types of Commercial HVAC Systems Explained

Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC systems come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, you may find these types of systems in your commercial building.

Single Split Systems

These are the most common types of commercial HVAC systems. They’re more affordable and more appropriate for smaller buildings, including restaurants, shops, or small office spaces.

This includes one air conditioner, furnaces, and an evaporator coil. The system is controlled with a thermostat.

Multi Split System

Single split systems and multi split systems work largely the same way. The biggest difference is that a multi split system can connect up to 9 indoor units with a single outdoor unit.

It uses inverter technology to help the compressor operate at different speeds, rather than at a single speed.

The multi split system cuts down on energy by using sensors that help detect temperature changes and make adjustments as needed.

These are perfect for buildings that care more about energy efficiency, as the cost to install is a bit higher than a single split.

VRV Systems

VRV systems are also called VRF systems. VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume, and VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow.

This system is perfect for buildings with multiple uses and differing temperature needs.

VRF/VRV systems can provide heating and cooling at the same time, and the way it does this is by taking unneeded heat from other areas of the building and using it to heat other rooms and to heat water.

How to Choose a System

Ultimately, the best way to choose a system to use is to call an HVAC contractorwith experience in installing commercial HVAC units. They will be able to determine the system for your needs.