What Is The Best Time To Buy An Air Conditioner?

A Lady Thinking About When to Buy an AC

When you're trying to stay comfortable inside, it's important to have great air conditioning and heating. Without the right HVAC system, you'll quickly fall victim to humidity, heat, cold, or other temperature changes. So if your AC is potentially needing a repair or replacement, then you're reading the right article.

We're going to answer “when is the best time to buy an air conditioner”. That way you can decide the unit type and best time for you to get AC repair today.

What Is The Best Time To Buy AC Units?

Instead of thinking about the best time of year to buy air conditioners, think about the context. So, the best time to buy ACs can depend on the following aspects:


If you're renovating your house, now's a good time to get a new HVAC system. This is especially true if you're changing the interior layout of your home.

Keep in mind that HVAC systems often require changes in generators, plumbing, ventilators, heat pumps, humidifiers, air ducts, and more. Therefore, it's not as simple as taking a piece of machinery and putting in another one.

Therefore, when you're doing renovations, you may as well do it all at the same time. That way you're not left without AC if you're not using your home anyway.

Your AC is getting old

If your air conditioner unit is getting old, then it's a good time to replace it. Several components of your air conditioning can wear out over time. This goes for the pumps, the electrical pieces, filters, air ducts, and more.

It's not worth it to wait until it's already broken. By that point, you could go several days or weeks without proper heating or cooling.

You notice signs of your AC breaking down

Even if your AC is newer, it can still have signs of wear and tear. Something could go wrong with one of the components. You could have a leak in the home that affects the air conditioning. It could short circuit. You could have dirt or other debris clogging up the system and more.

Therefore, you should call the professionals and learn about maintenance and potentially a replacement if this is the case. They can even recommend the best month to buy an air conditioner, depending on your situation.

The Best Type Of Air Conditioner To Get

Let's talk about some of the types of air conditioners you can choose:

Window units

Window units are less expensive. However, they also may not heat or cool the whole home. The good news is you can put them in simply one room.

Central air

Central air is the most common type of HVAC system. These have ducted systems that go throughout your entire house. You control it via a thermostat.

Of course, the air then passes through the vents via heater or cooler element. These can be more expensive, but they tend to last longer and give you better comfort throughout the seasons.


This modern cooling system uses zoning. You don't have to use ductwork. Instead, you can choose the area that you want to change the temperature in.

These can be more expensive, but they give you much greater customization over your energy bill and temperature. Picking an AC unit that meets your specific needs. There are several factors when choosing the right AC unit. You need to consider the cost, your current unit, your home size, and the features that you want.

Using this combination, you can choose a unit that suits your unique needs. The best thing to do is reach out to a professional HVAC company who can help you understand your options. That way, they can guide you through all the specific features that may be most appropriate for your home cooling needs.

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