What Does the Return Vent on an Air Conditioner Do?

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An air conditioner is composed of many components that work together to cool the home. One of these important parts is the return vent. But what is the purpose of the return air vent? That's what we're here to tell you!

What the Return Vent Does

The AC return vent is really a very simple part of the system, but it plays an important role in keeping your home cool. The air conditioner return vent works by drawing air from inside the room and pushing it back into the blower compartment to be cooled again before being sent throughout the house. This cycle can continue indefinitely until you turn off your air conditioning unit in Atlanta or change the settings on your thermostat.

So if you're looking to determine the best place for an air conditioning return vent, be sure to find an area of the room that gets good airflow so it can continue working properly and keep cool air flowing throughout your home!

Signs of Problems With the Return Vent

Now that you know what a return vent is, you need to know how to spot problems with it. If your AC isn't blowing cold air or it's suddenly not cooling the room as well, that could be a sign of an issue with the return vent. It might need to be cleaned out, there may be some blockage in front of it preventing airflow, or if you have pets, they might even use this area for their litter box!

This is a good reason to keep your return vents clear and the area around them clean, but you should also check that there isn't something actually wrong with it.

How to Keep Your Return Vent Working Well

If you want to keep your HVAC return air vents in good condition and working properly, then here are a few quick tips. You can use these when it comes time for spring cleaning or if something has gone wrong with the vents:

  • Make sure that pets don't have their litter box near the vent. If possible, place it on another wall away from the return vent.
  • Keep children's toys and furniture away from the fan area of your AC unit, especially if they're on wheels that might block airflow to or around it. You don't want cords near there either!
  • If you have a ceiling fan in the room with your AC unit, turn it off. The fan can actually push the air around and cause your AC not to work as well.
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Now you know all about what return vents do and how they keep your home cool! We hope that these quick tips for keeping yours in good condition help it continue working great, so you never have a hot day at home again. If you do run into trouble with your system, contact our HVAC service in Atlanta.

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