What are Smart Vents? How Do They Work?

Moncrief Heating and Air Conditioning technician fixing HVAC ceiling vent

Also known as automated air vents, smart vents automatically and remotely control the temperatures in specific rooms at home, by automatically opening and closing to redirect airflow as required.

Have you ever wondered why certain rooms in your home are cooler or hotter than in other rooms? Well, automated air vents ensure there’s temperature balance around your home, eliminating hot and cold spots in affected rooms. Since they are 'smart', are they worth it? How do they work? And can they save you money?

Are smart vents worth it?

The reason these vents are considered 'smart' is because they leverage sensors and the internet to make them efficient and effective. The motion and proximity sensors in automated vents are used to detect if there’s any activity inside the room. For example, they can detect if someone walks into a room, then adjust the temperature according to it’s programming.

You can also control the smart vents system remotely using your smartphone, when you’re not at home. They are also portable and you don’t really require a professional during installation.

Do automated HVAC vents save money?

So here’s another interesting point about automated HVAC vents: When somebody exits a certain room, the device can automatically close that vent, thus saving money that would otherwise be wasted on energy. So yes, smart vents do save money. Did you know that  homeowners spend about half of their energy bills on heating and cooling? HVAC specialists agree that closing off vents in rooms not being used can go a long way in lowering your energy consumption, hence saving you money in the long run.

How much do they cost? What are the factors to consider when buying one?

Depending on the features, automated vents vary in price, but for a starter kit, prepare anywhere around $200 (one vent and one sensor). Other types of automated vents cost upwards of $600. If you need to service your HVAC in Roswell, don’t hesitate to consult Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning if you want professional advice on which type of vent suits your home and rooms.

Consider the following factors when acquiring a new smart vent:

  • Smart home integration. Ensure the smart vent system is compatible with other home systems e.g. smart appliances, smart speaker, voice control etc.
  • Ensure you check the type of batteries the system uses, and whether they can be recharged.
  • If you have duct openings in the rooms, ensure the vent is of the right size to match it. You can do this by manually measuring the opening of the duct.

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