Why Is My Furnace Making Noises

Exterior HVAC units making noises in Atlanta home

While you enjoy the heat they bring to your home during those cold days, you may experience your furnace making noises - and you shouldn't ignore this.

While the noises made by a faulty furnace may vary, you may know the cause of the problem by simply paying attention to the kind of noise produced by the furnace. For example, you may notice your furnace making loud noise when running and you may ask: "Why is my furnace so loud?"

Regardless of the problem you encountered, really knowing the types of noise produced by the furnace may help you find a solution to it faster. But, what if you can't fix it yourself?

Well, at this point, contacting a HVAC specialist may be your best option.

Why Your Furnace Is Making Loud Noises

1 Furnace making whistling noise

If you notice some whistling noise coming from your furnace, the duct may be the problem. The cause of this is normally a leakage in the duct. While you may need need a professional for this, you can trace the whistling noise yourself by keenly listening to where the noise is coming from. Most of the time, the noise originates from a tiny hole located close to the connecting point between the duct and the furnace. When air passes through the tiny hole, the whistling sound starts. Your filter may be clogged with dirt and replacing it can stop the noise.

2 Furnace making rattling noise

Suppose you notice your furnace making loud rattling/vibrating noises. What could this mean? Well, this problem can be easily fixed and it normally means something is not fixed in place inside the furnace. The furnace is normally enclosed by certain metal panels and when the screws enclosing the panels are loose, a rattling noise is produced. To solve this, use a screw driver to tighten the screws and if the rattling continues, this could mean another unseen part inside the furnace is loose and calling a professional can greatly save you.

3 Furnace making banging noise

What if your furnace makes loud bang? Banging noises may be noticed when your furnace blower motor makes noises when starting. This could be caused by either a problem with ignition or contraction and expansion of metal ducts. If your furnace makes loud bang, it could be a major problem and it's advisable to turn off your furnace and immediately call an HVAC specialist just to be safe.

4 Furnace making humming noise

Have you noticed your furnace making buzzing or loud humming noises? A humming noise could mean your furnace has electrical issues. The problem may be as a result of either a blower motor capacitor that has failed and is old or a transformer that's broken. It would be wise to contact your technician to further inspect and repair furnace or any electrical component within the furnace that would cause this.