How to Stop Condensation on Air Ducts

ceiling air conditioning unit cover to air ducts

While you enjoy the benefits of your HVAC system at home, you may experience this issue at some point: water dripping from return air duct. This means condensation is happening on your ductwork. This is a problem that has been experienced by so many homeowners and it can be frustrating at times. The condensation appears as water drops that gather on the outside of your AC's ducts and vent openings. In some extreme cases, one may notice pools of water on the floor or other places around your home. If you’ve experienced this, don’t worry there’s solution on how to stop condensation on air ducts.

But first:

Why does condensation on ductwork happen?

Condensation on ductwork could happen due to various reasons:

  • A difference in temperature levels between outside air and air inside the duct.
  • AC ducts that were incorrectly sealed.
  • Failing to put insulation around the air ducts.
  • Excess humidity around the home or attic.
  • Dirty air filters.

So, How do You Stop Condensation on Ductwork?

Here are tips on how to stop condensation on air conditioning ducts:

1 . Put Insulation Around Your Ductwork

If your ductwork lacks an insulation , you better insulate it before summer starts and you start experiencing condensation issues. To properly insulate your ductwork, use metallic foil duct tape. By doing this, warm air won’t reach the cold surfaces of the ductwork. When there’s no contact between these two then you can be sure that condensation won’t take place.

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2 . Check if The Insulation is Damaged and Repair it

If you notice cracks or tears on your insulation, you should repair or completely replace it. Also ensure the insulating material fits around the ductwork, otherwise, warm air will still sneak in.

3 . Ensure your HVAC Air Filters are Clean

Many homeowners don’t know this but did you know that cleaning your air filters can help lower your energy consumption by 5-15 percent? Filthy air filters on the other hand will increase your energy consumption and cost you lots of money.

Filthy air filters also causes condensation to take place around your ductwork. This is because dirty filters restrict airflow. This not only lowers your AC's efficiency in cooling your home but it also compromises its dehumidifying capabilities. This means that excess moisture in your home won’t be removed and thus condensation will occur. Air filters normally need replacement or thorough cleaning once per month. You may also consider regularly replacing your air filters if you have pets in your home that shed a lot. Same applies if you have a smoker in your house.

Don’t Allow Condensation to Stop You From Enjoying Good Indoor Air Quality

Now that you've learned how to prevent condensation on AC ducts, do whatever it takes to prevent condensation from messing up your home. If you have any further questions, please Contact Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning for quality and professional HVAC services in Dunwoody.