Ductless Mini Split Vs Central Air: Which Is Better?

Ductless Mini Split Vs Central Air: Which Is Better?

Your home should be your place of solace and comfort. And maintaining it like this for the summer can be a challenge. You might be deciding between a split AC vs a central AC right now, and you're not alone.

So let's explain what these two types of HVAC systems are and some of the key distinctions.

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Differences Between Central AC Vs Mini Splits

Let’s dive into what sets central air vs split systems apart:

Ductless Air Conditioner

Firstly, many splits have an indoor and an outdoor unit. They use refrigerant to circulate cold air through the system. Ultimately, they absorb heat and convert it into humidity-free cool air for inside.

Copper tubing allows heat to be released outside. However, one of the main differences of a ductless mini-split is that you need indoor units in every single room that you want to condition with air.

You can mount these under the ceiling, on the wall, on the floor, or really wherever you desire. A small fan inside each individual unit pushes the cooled air directly into your bedroom or other living space.

That's why it's considered a ductless unit. Instead of installing ducts within the walls of your home, the unit does everything with less installation requirements.

Benefits Of A Ductless Mini-Split

Energy Efficiency

These systems offer cooling efficiencies better than ducted cooling systems in some cases.

Minimally Invasive Installation

You don't need to remove a lot of drywall or other aspects of the home in order to install these units.


You have great flexibility in deciding where you place one of these units within your home. However, sometimes central AC systems are more beneficial when it comes to indoor air quality and better overall costs.

Central Air Conditioner

A ducted HVAC system is also called central air. There will be an outdoor unit and then an indoor unit. Sometimes it includes a blower fan to distribute the cool air through a series of ducts.

Similar to mini-splits, it circulates refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units to both release heat and add cool, comfortable air inside.

The Benefits Of Central Air Conditioning Systems


They can be installed throughout the entire home and controlled from one device.

Long Term Value

The system cost can be less expensive over time than a ductless mini-duct. However, consider that the initial cost of ductwork installation can be somewhat greater.

Maintenance & Repair

Central air units can be easier to maintain. This means you won’t have to spend as much time in the future waiting on repairs.

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