Your AC and Carbon Monoxide: An Informative Guide

Your AC and carbon monoxide an informative guide

In the relentless summer heat, nothing comes as a greater rescue than the sweet, cool breeze from an air conditioner. Ah, the marvel of HVAC systems! Over the decades, air conditioning has undeniably been a game-changing innovation, especially in cities with towering temperatures. Our cozy spaces in Atlanta are no exception.

One of the less talked about topics is the relationship between air conditioners and carbon monoxide. The question often arises: Can an air conditioner cause carbon monoxide poisoning? While air conditioners are not a source of carbon monoxide (CO), they can play a part in distributing this harmful gas if it’s present in your home.

Carbon Monoxide & Its Sources

Carbon monoxide is birthed from the combustion of fossil fuels. Common household appliances, including kerosene heaters, propane stoves, and natural gas-powered water heaters, are typical culprits. When functioning optimally and in well-ventilated spaces, these appliances vent carbon monoxide outside, rendering them safe.

However, vent obstructions or cracks can create a dangerous scenario where carbon monoxide escapes into your living spaces. And here’s where the air conditioning system enters the narrative.

The Role of Your Air Conditioner

Your trusty air conditioner doesn’t produce carbon monoxide. However, if any carbon monoxide is lingering in your home due to poorly ventilated appliances, your air conditioner can unwittingly spread this dangerous gas through its network of ducts. Essentially, the carbon monoxide AC unit scenario emerges from a combination of faulty appliances and air conditioning.

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Ensuring Safety From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Keeping the ominous carbon monoxide at bay isn’t too complex. Here are some steps to ensure your home remains a safe haven:

  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in key areas of your home, especially near bedrooms and living areas.
  • Regular tune-ups for your appliances, particularly your HVAC systems, can prevent carbon monoxide production at the source.
  • Frequent inspections of your duct systems can help identify and fix any issues that may lead to carbon monoxide distribution.
  • Use potential carbon monoxide-producing appliances like charcoal grills and lawnmowers in well-ventilated outdoor spaces.

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