Why is water leaking from my furnace

Furnace in an Atlanta home that's leaking water

One of the most common and frequent calls HVAC specialist get from furnace owners is the problem of furnace leaking water underneath. This problem may freak you out but sometimes it's a very minor issue (that even you can fix).

Most people that experience this problem especially for the first time ask tons of questions e.g Is it dangerous for water to leak underneath your furnace? How do you stop this leak? How much would it cost to fix a leaking furnace? And finally, should you repair or replace your furnace if you encounter this problem? Before you sign a HVAC preventative maintenance agreement with a HVAC specialist, first ask the 'why'. "Why is water leaking from my furnace?"

Dangers of resetting your furnace breaker

The role of your furnace breaker is to help prevent fires that could otherwise be caused due to more than normal electric current passing through wires. Breakers accomplish this by automatically stopping too much electrical current from passing to circuits. 

Reasons why your furnace is leaking water (and how to fix it)

Condensation leak in furnace.

Water coming out of the furnace occurs lots of times due to condensation produced in the furnace. This is common, especially for high efficiency furnace owners. So how can you tell if your furnace is a high efficiency one? Simply observe its vent pipe. If a PVC pipe is attached to the vent pipe, then it's regarded as a high efficiency furnace. So why does this condensation occur? The reason is because your condensation tubing may be clogged. How do you fix this? It can be fixed using chemical tablets and by using a bigger drain hose. However, if your high efficiency furnace has a metal pipe attached, you shouldn't experience condensation problems. Perhaps it's the wrong size.

The attached exhaust pipe could be of the wrong size.

The role of the exhaust pipe attached to your furnace is to collect gases and exit them appropriately. If the exhaust pipe is of incorrect size, the gases collected won't exit in time - but instead cool and condense into water while inside the exhaust pipe. This condensation could lead to water leak. If you experience this, don't hesitate to call a HVAC specialist Atlanta to replace or redesign the pipe.

Faulty condensation pump.

The condensate pump is attached to the PVC drain pipe and it normally pumps water from your furnace. If it's faulty, you may observe water leaking from your unit. You should immediately call a HVAC specialist if you see this.

A leaking humidifier.

If your humidifier is clogged or faulty, it could lead to water leak and it's vital you consult a specialist immediately. The national average cost of fixing a leaking unit is around $425 but it depends on the problem you're experiencing and how severe it is.