What Should I Set My Thermostat to When I'm on Vacation?

What should i set my thermostat to when im on vacation

Are you going on vacation and leaving your house empty? If so, you must ensure that you set your thermostat to the right temperature! If you don't, you could pay a lot of energy costs. This page will discuss what temperature you should set your thermostat to when you're on vacation. We will also provide tips on saving energy while you're away.

Right Temperature for Thermostat During Summer Vacation

Summers are the perfect time to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a much-needed break. But before you jet off on vacation, you should ensure your home is prepared for your absence—including setting your thermostat correctly.

Here are some tips to help you decide the right temperature during the summer:

a) During summer vacation, it's best to turn your thermostat up as high as you're comfortable. Depending on how long you'll be gone, setting the temperature around 85°F can help keep energy costs lower while keeping your home safe from extreme temperatures and preventing mold growth.

b) Make sure that your air conditioners are in good working order and that the filters are clean. Dirty air filters can cause the system to run inefficiently and make it harder to keep your thermostat set at a comfortable temperature.

c) If you have a programmable thermostat, consider using a setting that adjusts the temperature throughout the day. This will help conserve energy while keeping your home at an appropriate temperature.

d) Invest in a smart thermostat that can be remotely controlled by your phone or computer. This allows you to adjust temperatures when needed and keep an eye on the energy efficiency of your system while you’re away.

Right Thermostat Temperature for Winters

Winters can be cold, and if your home is left vacant during a winter holiday, you want to adjust the temperature accordingly. Here are some ideas:

a) If you have a programmable thermostat, set the temperature to 15°C (59°F), and do not turn off the heating system. This will prevent your pipes from freezing while you're away.

b) If you don't have a programmable thermostat, lower the temperature as low as possible while keeping it above 15°C (59°F). This should help you save energy costs while keeping the home warm enough to avoid a pipe freeze.

c) Unplug any non-essential appliances or electronics, as their power draw can put extra strain on the heater.

Why Choose a Programmable Thermostat?

When you're on vacation, it can be challenging to remember to adjust the thermostat before leaving. Instead of relying on your memory and wasting energy while you're away, consider investing in a programmable thermostat. These devices are designed to help save energy by automatically adjusting the temperature when you're not home. You can set it to cool your home when you’re away and then warm it up for your return so that you come back to a comfortable climate.

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