What is Ventilation: How Does It Impact Your HVAC Comfort?

Atlanta living room with open windows to show ventilation and impact on HVAC

HVAC is a pretty recognizable acronym, but do you know what the 'V' stands for?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. While most people mostly focus on heating and air conditioning, ventilation is often overlooked despite its tremendous benefits to a home's comfort. So what is it and how does it Impact your indoor home comfort?

What is ventilation?

Ventilation is all about bringing fresh air from outdoors into your indoor space. Without heating, cooling and ventilation, your indoor space will lack fresh air and thus become stagnant and uncomfortable for home occupants. Lack of proper heating, cooling and ventilation can also expose you to toxins and contaminants that can affect your health.

What is a commercial air ventilation system?

A commercial air ventilation system is a ventilation system used in commercial buildings or work environments. A proper ventilation system at work can boost workers' productivity. It also eliminates health issues at the workplace thus boosting the employees' energy and creativity.

Proper ventilation at work also eliminates odors that could interfere with employees' productivity. Ventilation is normally provided mechanically in commercial buildings. What this means is, a ventilation equipment such as a fan is installed to regulate how much outdoor air goes into the workplace environment.

If your workplace is located near a restaurant or a gas station, a well-designed mechanical ventilation system can help prevent odors from coming to your work environment and causing distractions.

How do you know which mechanical ventilation system is needed at your workplace?

There are different types of mechanical ventilation systems. You can install them to work alongside your existing HVAC system or you can have them separated. It all depends on your work space, its functions and the climate around you. There are those which are designed for hot and dry climates, others for humid climates and others for cold climates.

It’s really vital that you choose the right type suitable for your workplace. Failure to do so can lead to moisture buildup, which can lead to growth of mold or even damage your work indoor environment. There are, of course, ways to improve your workplace ventilation e.g replacing air filters regularly, maintaining healthy humidity levels and keeping your workplace clean.

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