What Is A Pressure Switch On A Furnace? (And Why Is It Important)

What Is A Pressure Switch On A Furnace?

Furnaces expel flue gasses, which can be harmful if they accumulate in your home. Therefore, furnaces need something called negative pressure to operate safely.

This negative pressure ensures that gasses escape via a flue outside your home. The pressure switch on a furnace is an essential component for ensuring the unit is working properly.

And of course it’s important for providing adequate heating in Atlanta winters for your family.

But, in exact terms, what is a pressure switch on a furnace? And what does a pressure switch do on a furnace for that matter? Read on to discover how it works and why it’s so crucial to your comfort and safety.

What Is The Pressure Switch On A Furnace?

On a furnace, the pressure switch is primarily a safety feature. The furnace pressure switch is found near the motor.

But what does a furnace pressure switch do? In short, it turns the furnace off if the appropriate pressure is not there.

This switch therefore makes sure that your home is not filled with deadly exhaust from the furnace. The furnace pressure switch also protects against gas leaks.

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What Should You Do if The Furnace Pressure Switch is Not Working?

Asking “what does a pressure switch do on a furnace?” is an important first step in ensuring healthy, consistent heating throughout your home.

But you should also be aware of what it means if your furnace pressure switch stops working, and what to do about it.

If your furnace stops working, it could be because the pressure switch correctly identified a lack of pressure. Or, it could mean your switch is faulty due to:

  • A loose hose: Both houses of the pressure switch should be attached. If one of them comes loose, it can keep the switch from closing properly.
  • Debris: If debris is interfering with the switch, it will eventually rust or corrode. Yearly maintenance can prevent this issue.
  • Cracked tube: If one of the hoses for your switch are broken, they will let the pressure escape. The switch will then cease to operate. A professional will need to inspect it and repair it.
  • Broken switch: Problems with the inducer can break the switch completely. In this case, it will need to be replaced before your furnace works properly.

If you or a professional notice any of these problems with your furnace switch, then don’t hesitate to replace it. The longer you let the problem persist, the more likely your furnace will not work correctly going forward.

In addition, a properly functioning furnace switch is essential for safe temperatures in the winter and safe air quality free of harmful gasses.

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