What Does BTU Mean For Air Conditioners?

What Does BTU Mean For Air Conditioners?

When it comes to air conditioning units in Atlanta, they’re one of the most important investments you can make to ensure that you and your family members stay safe during the hot Georgia heat.

However, an important aspect of air conditioning is often overlooked is BTU. So let's talk about BTU on air conditioners. We'll explore what it means and why it's so important. That way you can enjoy peace of mind even when the sun is scorching.

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What Is BTU In Air Conditioners?

So it sounds like a fancy name, but what does BTU mean for AC? BTU means British Thermal Unit. Essentially this describes how much energy the AC system in your home uses each hour.

To be quite specific, a BTU actually measures how much energy would be required to cool one pound of water by one degree below the current temperature. The reason that BTU is so important is because it gives you a reference point for how quickly a unit can cool a room.

After all, in the hot summer months you want to know that your AC can keep up and that you don't go several hours without cool air. It takes around 20-35 BTUs to cool one square foot of space.

Using some estimations, you may need around 11,000-12,000 BTUs to cool a space of 500 square feet. Ultimately, the more BTUs a unit has, the more efficient that system is.

Some Facts To Know About BTUs

BTUs ultimately measure the energy output of the AC system that you have installed. For every square foot of space that you have in your home, you should expect around 20 to 35 BTUs in order to cool it.And BTUs can boost humidity, but that can also mean that it wears your unit parts down faster over time. So while higher BTUs can lead to cooler rooms faster, there is a trade-off to consider.

Other Factors That Determine BTU

Some other factors to consider when deciding the right BTU size for your unit are things like the size of your kitchen, the family members that will be using this space, the insulation and flooring you have, and the windows that you have.

After all, overall energy efficiency and size of the home are going to be major contributors.

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