What Does an HVAC Contractor Do?

Girl with a notebook and backpack wondering about how to fix HVAC issues

HVAC contractors in Atlanta are plentiful. So plentiful that you might be wondering what all they do. Are there really that many people with broken down air conditioners and furnaces in the metro area? Well, in truth, yes; this is an area where people use their HVAC systems all year round, and that puts a lot of stress on these systems. But what HVAC companies do extends beyond repairs.

HVAC: What Is It?

HVAC is an abbreviation that covers some pretty important elements of your home: the heating, the ventilation, and the air conditioning. These are three components in the average climate control system. They keep air circulating, cool you in the summer, and keep you warm in the winter. Depending on your system, these elements can also control your humidity and clean the air inside your house. So what HVAC contractors do is work with these elements of your home. They maintain and inspect, repair, and install or replace parts of or entire HVAC systems.

HVAC Contractor Services

Maintenance and inspection of HVAC systems is all about ensuring that things are working well and taking actions to extend the life of the system. We suggest that all homeowners schedule regular maintenance twice a year: once before you need your AC and once before you need your furnace. We also offer inspections when you are purchasing a home so you know how close the system is to replacement.

With HVAC repair, something has already gone wrong, and it is our job to fix it. When done correctly, repairs should extend the life of your system, helping you put off the day you need replacement. Most HVAC companies offer standard and emergency repair service.

HVAC installation is done when you have a new build and need to install the first system. Replacement is for when the existing system is at the end of the line. In both cases, your HVAC company can help you select the right system, then handle the preparation and placement of the AC, furnace, and vents.

Finding the Right HVAC Contractor

You have your pick of HVAC contractors in Atlanta. So how can you make a choice? Look for the company with the best reputation. At Moncrief Air, we have thousands of happy customers behind us and glowing reviews online. To learn more about our offerings or to schedule service, contact us today.