What Causes Heating Repairs? Reasons Why You Should Fix Your Heater

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A heater breaking down especially during a cold season is a homeowner's worst nightmare. However, knowing the causes of heater breakdowns could help prevent a breakdown and costly heating repairs. So what causes heating repairs?

Common causes of heating system problems

Below are the heating repairs causes that you should be aware of as a homeowner:

Strange noises. Your heater's components can produce some strange noises, that perhaps you’ve never heard of previously. Such strange noises are normally a sign that your system is faulty. If ignored, the problem could escalate and lead to a major system breakdown. Such strange noises tend to come from the system’s moving components, such as the drive belts or blower.

Insufficient heating.Insufficient heating can happen when there is a thermostat-related problem. This can happen when you try adjusting the temperature setting on the thermostat, but notice no change in heat levels. This is a common problem many homeowners face and it can be solved by replacing the thermostat.

Low flow of air. Airflow across your heater can at times be hampered by issues within the system, and especially the ductwork. If you notice such an issue, it’s likely that the fan that blows air is either broken or not able to rotate at normal speeds. The issue could also be caused by a blockage within the air filters or ducts.

Old heater. At times, your heater can suddenly stop working if it’s old. The average lifespan of a heater is between 15 and 30 years. If your heater has lasted more than 30 years , it should be replaced with a new system.

Lack of routine maintenance. A heater requires to be routinely maintained in order to run smoothly. Certain components in a heater are not designed to last forever, so they should be replaced. And that’s where routine maintenance comes in. If a certain component in a heater is worn-out, it could cause other issues in the system, leading to high costs of repair. For instance, not replacing the heater's filter can cause serious damages, if airflow is severely blocked.

Not cleaning the heater. Soot, dirt and dust can accumulate in the heater. They can also accumulate inside the ducts too. Accumulation of these impurities can cause your system to overwork and eventually break down.

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