The Importance of Emergency HVAC Services

Moncrief Heating and Air Conditioning technician fixing exterior HVAC unit in an emergency repair

When serious HVAC malfunctions happen during summer or winter, there’s usually no time for speculations on the cause of the problem. You have to act immediately and contact HVAC emergency services. So what are emergency HVAC services, and what do emergency HVAC providers do?

What are emergency HVAC services?

Emergency HVAC services are needed when HVAC problems become bad enough to warrant contacting emergency services. Perhaps your HVAC system broke down during a winter night or during a hot summer day. Whichever the case, you'll need 24/7 HVAC emergency services by skilled professionals.

Importance of HVAC emergency services

A HVAC problem can occur when you least expect. If you experience HVAC problems such as refrigerant leaks or gas leaks, you may be forced to act immediately. If you wait any longer, the problem may get worse. That’s why HVAC emergency services need to operate 24/7 everyday, including weekends. While HVAC emergency repair importance may seem obvious, contacting the right professionals is vital.

It’s always a good idea to sign up for HVAC contractors with a good reputation for responding fast to HVAC issues. Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning provides HVAC contractors in Atlanta for fast 24/7 emergency services.

Common Emergency HVAC Scenarios

Now that you've learned the importance of emergency air heating and cooling, when do you need HVAC emergency services?

When there’s a gassy smell. If you notice a gassy smell or a strange odor around your house, it’s vital you contact emergency services. The odor smell is usually comparable to that of sulfur or rotten eggs. If you smell a gas leak, and before you contact emergency services, ensure you close off the main gas line. Also, ensure you inspect the system's pilot light. The flame is normally blue in color. If you notice a yellow flame, it means there is carbon monoxide leakage. In this case, you should immediately leave your house and contact emergency services near you

When your system suddenly stops or doesn’t turn on. If your HVAC system suddenly stops, especially during winter, the home occupants may be susceptible to dangers of cold weather. The issue may be caused by several factors and the best thing to do is contact emergency services near you.

When you notice strange noises coming from your HVAC system. Strange loud noises is a sign that your HVAC system has malfunctioned. If you keep hearing strange loud noises whenever you turn on your HVAC, don’t hesitate to call emergency services.

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