The Different Types Of AC Units

The Different Types Of Ac Units

When it comes to getting a new air conditioner, there are several varieties to choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming, but it's important to stay comfortable in the heat. So keep reading and discover the primary types of air conditioners available today and their differences.

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Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

Here are the most common types of ac units:

Central AC

A central air conditioner is regulated by ducts throughout your home. It has a condenser, compressor, evaporator coils, and air handler. It uses refrigerant to create cool air and push it out through the ducts. Most of them have a programmable thermostat as well.

Ductless Mini Split

If you only want a small portion of your home to be cooled to just one room, then a ductless mini split is a great option. It's mounted on a wall and has air blowers that are connected through refrigerant through tubing.

They're typically compact and can be less expensive than a central unit. Most of these units have a remote control for easy temperature control.

Window AC

These are becoming less common since they use older technology. However, installing a window air conditioner is one way to leverage the air flow from outside and blow cool air into your home. One of the downsides is they can be fairly noisy when in operation.

Smart Air Conditioner

These are becoming more and more popular. But with the internet of things (IoT), you can connect a smart air conditioner to your smartphone or other device.

This allows you to control temperature from anywhere and automate when the AC comes on or off. For instance, when you go to work, you can program the AC to turn off until a few minutes before you're scheduled to arrive back home again.

Hybrid Dual Fuel Air Conditioner

A hybrid system has a gas furnace and electric heat source, electric air source heat pump. This provides cost efficient heating and cooling.

Very rarely do systems offer heating and cooling all in one. By having professionals install this system, you can enjoy comfort no matter what the temperature is outside. It can also help you lower your heat bills by increasing efficiency.

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