Should I Cover My Air Conditioner After Summer?

Woman with finger on her chin wondering if she should cover air conditioner after summer in Atlanta

For most homeowners, when summer is over, it means bidding farewell to their air conditioners. After summer, the weather tends to turn colder, hence an AC isn’t needed. However, a common question most homeowners ask is: “Should I cover my air conditioner after summer?”

When to use air conditioner unit cover

An important point to note about air conditioners is that they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow and rain. However, they are not designed to prevent things like leaves, branches and seeds from getting inside the HVAC system. Therefore, the ideal time to use air conditioner unit cover on your unit is during fall only.

During fall, leaves, branches and seeds tend to separate and fall from trees. If they sneak inside your air conditioner, they can cause great damage e.g. corrosion.

If you’re covering your AC during fall, ensure you cover only the top of the unit. Avoid covering your AC completely. Why? Because if you cover it completely, moisture will be trapped inside your unit and this will result in rust and corrosion.

Should I cover my AC unit in the summer?

If you’re thinking of covering your outside air conditioner during summer, whether to avoid bad weather or save more energy and money, you shouldn’t. That’s the reality. And, what about during winter, should you use central AC covers for winter? Using central AC cover for winter can help prevent accumulating snow on top of your system from melting inside. If the accumulating snow melts, then refreezes, it could lead to moisture formation inside your unit. As you know, moisture formation inside your unit is not good news.

The AC's coil could also be damaged by ice and you definitely don’t want that. Hail and blizzards are also reasons to consider covering your unit during winter. 

Why you don’t need central air conditioning unit covers

While it’s okay to cover certain things around your home such as swimming pools, for your AC, it’s not necessary. As discussed earlier, covering your AC traps moisture which can lead to mold growth and cause system damage. 

Also, using a cover will not prevent small animals from seeking refuge inside your unit. A cover will in fact encourage the small animals to sneak inside your unit, since they’re escaping the cold outside. 


Your air conditioner was designed and built to protect itself against the harshest weather conditions. Therefore, covering your unit isn’t necessary. If you’re around Atlanta and need air conditioner installed, contact Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning for Air Conditioning Installation Atlanta or, if you need repairs, you can get Air Conditioning Repair Atlanta.