Running The AC Fan Only: Does That Work?

Running The AC Fan Only: Does That Work?

In the hot Atlanta summer, it's tempting to run your air conditioning all the time. That being said, a lot of people think that they should turn off the cooling component and just run the fan.

So is it ok to run the fan without AC? Well, let's talk about whether or not you should run the blower fan without the AC and the reasons why or why not. That way you can protect your system and also stay comfortable no matter what time of year it is.

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Should You Run Fans Without AC?

Running your cooling fan without the AC can help circulate air through your home. It may also be more energy efficient. So that can help you maintain comfort consistently.

However, also understand that by running that fan without the AC, you're going to put more stress on your system. That means ultimately that you run the risk of your parts breaking down sooner, of course, the faster that happens.

That means you need to have more maintenance and repair calls. Ultimately this adds to your bottom line and your expenses throughout the year and the lifetime of the unit.

Recap: Really It's A Matter Of Balance

You need to figure out how often it makes sense to keep the fan going versus just simply having the AC going. Sure you want a clean, fresh home.

But you might consider having certain moments where the air conditioning is not running at all — and then some moments where you have the air conditioning and the fan running.

If you have the fan running all day, again, it could have the effect of overuse. You might consider a less expensive standalone fan from the store to ventilate your home while you're not running your air conditioning.

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