Is Shading Your Air Conditioner Worth It?

Is Shading Your Air Conditioner Worth It

In the sweltering heat of Atlanta, ensuring your AC works effectively is paramount. At Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning, we often field questions related to Atlanta AC repair and best practices for AC maintenance.

One question that frequently pops up is about the AC condenser coil, the prominent rectangular box that sits outside your home. This crucial component captures heat from your indoor air and releases it outside.

Many homeowners often wonder if they should shade their AC unit in the summer. Shading your AC system offers multiple benefits that can significantly decrease cooling expenses.

What Are the Benefits of Shading Your AC Unit?

Shading your AC unit during the summer offers many advantages. Firstly, it enhances the heat exchange between the condenser coils and the surrounding outdoor air. In a shaded environment, the air is cooler, allowing it to absorb heat more efficiently when the fan pulls it over the condenser’s heat exchange fins. As a result, a shaded condenser doesn’t have to work as hard as one in direct sunlight, which can extend its lifespan.

Secondly, shading your condenser minimizes wear and tear from UV light and excessive heat. The intense rays of the summer sun can damage the plastic and rubber components within the system, such as washers, gaskets, and hoses, making the unit more susceptible to malfunctions. Moreover, direct sunlight increases the risk of metal parts rusting.

How Much Can I Save by Shading My AC Unit?

According to the US Department of Energy, shading an AC unit can boost its efficiency by up to 10%. This increase in efficiency might translate to savings ranging from $100 to $250 on your annual cooling costs.

Implementing broader shading strategies, like planting 3 or 4 trees around your property, can make the interior of your home cooler by blocking sunlight from penetrating through windows and reducing the ground’s heat absorption. Additionally, artificial shading methods can contribute to lowering your cooling expenses.
Regardless of the shading solution, ensure the shade doesn’t hinder airflow to your AC system. Hence, avoid placing your AC unit in overly tight spaces, such as squeezing it between walls solely for the sake of shading your AC unit in the summer.

How to Further Lower AC Cooling Costs

Choose the Right-Sized AC for Your Home

Installing the right-sized AC unit is an easy way to lower your cooling costs. A smaller AC system can strain and work overtime, increasing energy costs. Conversely, an excessively large system could use an unnecessary amount of energy.

Two important factors in AC selection are the size of the home and its ventilation quality. Homes with large or many windows necessitate more energy in British Thermal Units (BTUs) to achieve optimal cooling. While a larger AC system might require an expensive initial investment, it promises long-term savings.

Maintain Your AC Properly

Effective maintenance of AC components, including filters, vents, coils, and fans, can boost system efficiency and reduce cooling costs. For optimal performance, regular checks and yearly servicing by HVAC specialists are essential.

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