Here’s Your Spring HVAC Maintenance Guide

Here’s Your Spring HVAC Maintenance Guide

When springtime comes, that means summer is right around the corner. Of course, it's a great time to start thinking about your HVAC maintenance.

As the furnace gets turned off and the AC starts getting turned on, there are some things you can do in spring to maintain your air conditioning. That way you can prevent emergency repairs and expensive replacements. That being said, let's take a look at some great spring HVAC tips to keep your air conditioning in excellent condition.

What to Do for Spring HVAC Maintenance

Just follow these following HVAC tips for spring to feel great all season long:

Keep your outdoor unit clear of debris

If debris builds up around your external unit, it can end up creating a grimy buildup. So rake away leaves, clean up branches, and clean up dirt that might be surrounding the unit outside.

Also cut away bushes that are nearby the AC unit. Inspect your AC unit for damage. If you see any signs of damage or anything unusual, then call a professional HVAC tech. Have them come out and either maintain it or repair the unit.

Clean the ducts

Your air ducts are really important for your AC unit, and spring is the best time to have professional duct cleaning. Have an HVAC company come out and clean them of all the allergens, dust, and mold.

If not, it can end up circulating this inside your home and then everyone inside your house suffers from the allergies. You should get a duct cleaning at least once every three to five years.

Clean out your filter

A dirty filter keeps the air flow from being able to clean out mold and other dirt. An older filter in an AC system is also going to work harder. That means it uses more energy. Ultimately this can make your energy bills cost more.

So you should change your filter every one to three months. Aim for a high efficiency filter. A professional can help you set this up. Some have an electrostatic charge and even collect more dust and bacteria than standard filters.

Get a smart thermostat

If your AC only has an on and off switch, then it's not running at full efficiency. A smart thermostat can control your temperature based on what you set it to. This is especially important in spring as you practice for summer. You can start optimizing your temperature and it will learn what you like.

Let some fresh air in

Don't be afraid to open the windows in spring. This is the sweet spot where you can still do that before the summer humidity takes hold. Let some additional air flow come in and help the AC unit out a little bit. Also, it's great for your health.

Make sure there aren't any air leaks

If you're having HVAC professionals maintain your system consistently, then you shouldn't have any issues with air leaks.

However, occasionally a door jam or window or seal can let air out. If this happens, then your AC is going to be constantly running. This puts more strain on the system. It also means that you're paying more to not even cool a home at the level that you want to.

Make sure you're staying up on your annual servicing

You should get maintenance at least once per year from HVAC professionals. They can check the electrical connections, the filter, and more. They can even top off refrigerants. Just like a car, your AC unit is a machine.

If it's not maintained properly, it's eventually going to fail. And if you don't get it taken care of consistently enough, the repairs and replacements will only become more expensive. That means you're stuck without air conditioning in the hot summer while also having a higher bill. That's something you don't want.

Get HVAC Maintenance in Atlanta Today

Your heating and air conditioning is the most important part of your home. It's like the lungs for any house. This is especially true in springtime when Atlanta starts to get even more humid and hot. So before summer becomes a problem, get your HVAC unit checked out today. Call the pros for heating and air in Atlanta.

Perform the proper maintenance above and have professionals put you in a good position. That way you can enjoy the coming seasons with you and your family — without having to worry about overheating, humidity, or other uncomfortable situations.