HVAC Humidity Control: 5 Reasons Your AC Is Ineffective

External HVAC fan to control humidity with air conditioning

Have you noticed too much humidity in your home despite having an AC that should be taking care of that? One of your AC's roles is to remove excess moisture from your indoor space. There are several issues that could cause your AC to be ineffective at eliminating excess moisture at your home. First, what should be the ideal humidity levels for your home?

What are the ideal air conditioning humidity levels?

So what should humidity be in a house with air conditioning? HVAC specialists recommend air conditioning humidity levels at home to be between 40% and 60%.

5 Common air conditioner humidity problems

Here are 5 air conditioner humidity problems that cause your AC to be ineffective at eliminating excess moisture:

Your AC's cooling capacity is way bigger than your indoor space.

An air conditioner with a larger cooling capacity than your home does a poor job of regulating both humidity and indoor temperature. This is because the AC's compressor turns on and off regularly, meaning, the AC doesn’t operate long enough to eliminate humidity from your indoor space.

Your AC's speed is limited.

If your AC operates at one speed, it turns on then operates at maximum power until the set temperature is reached. It then goes off until the temperature passes the set thermostat reading. If this happens, it often means that your AC isn’t consistent at eliminating humidity.

There’s negative air pressure inside your home.

When there’s negative air pressure inside your home, the air inside your home tries to achieve balance by drawing in more outdoor air in whichever way it can. For instance, if you open the outside door, outside air enters your home. If the humidity outside is high, say 70% or above, the high humid air will get inside your home and your AC wont be able to handle it.

Your thermostat setting is wrong.

Using FAN ON setting on your thermostat may trick you into thinking you’re eliminating humidity in your indoor space, but that’s not the case. When you use FAN ON setting, the fan constantly runs even though your AC isn’t running. While the fan runs, you may experience some cooling effects, but what you’re actually doing is worsening the humidity levels. The moisture removed by your AC may sneak back into your room.

Your AC is old.

When your AC is old, certain parts wear and it may not perform optimally as it used to. You may, for instance, notice your Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling. You may also observe poor humidity control by your AC. If this happens, consider repairing or replacing your unit.

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