HVAC Emergency: Identifying the Severity of a Furnace Issue

Person setting thermostat in an HVAC emergency

Your furnace breaking down is the last thing you want, especially during cold seasons. Some furnaces can break down without warning, while others tend to give you warning signs that your HVAC system needs emergency furnace service. So how do you go about identifying the severity of a furnace issue early on? While it can seem impossible to stop your system from breaking down if the damage has occurred, an emergency furnace service could save your system from completely dying, hence extending its life and saving you money.

What is considered a heating and cooling emergency?

If you’d like to know what is considered a heating and cooling emergency (HVAC emergency), look out for the below signs, to know when to call a HVAC specialist.

1. Electrical problems. Have you noticed your lights flickering when you turn on your furnace? This could be an electrical problem and it should be addressed by both your HVAC and electrical specialist immediately. You could risk setting your home on fire if you don’t address electrical issues you observe early on.

2. There’s some loud and unusual noises coming from the furnace. Have you noticed your furnace making loud and unusual noises? If you notice popping, rattling, squealing and grinding sounds emanating from your furnace, it could be due to various reasons. The house may be coming from the HVAC's ductwork, blower motor or even the burner. If you notice this, don’t hesitate to call a HVAC specialist immediately.

3. The furnace turns on and off rapidly. This is also known as rapid cycling. Your furnace turning on and off rapidly is also a clear sign that your unit needs emergency furnace repair. When your furnace cycles rapidly, it’s a sign that your unit is overworking. The cause of this could be a dirty or worn-out air filter. If your filters are dirty or worn out, consider replacing them and call a HVAC specialist if the problem continues.

4. Strange smell. Another sign that your furnace needs emergency heating and air services is if you smell rotten eggs/Sulphur. If this is so, ensure you get everyone out of the house until the gas leak is fixed by a HVAC specialist.

Who to call if furnace stops working – HVAC Service Atlanta

If you’re experiencing issues with your HVAC system such as Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling, you may want to consider HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contracts. This will help you plan and budget for your unit's maintenance instead of waiting for break down. If your furnace stops working or you need more information, contact Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning for HVAC Service Atlanta today.