How To Select A Heater For Your Home

Family sitting on a couch under blankets trying to select a heater for your home in Atlanta

How To Select A Heater For Your Home

Many homeowners scratch their heads when it comes to selecting the ideal heaters for their homes. While the main role of a heater is to give you comfort by supplying heat in your home, some heaters are more energy-efficient and cost-effective than others. So how do you know if a heater is right for your home before purchasing it? You'll shortly learn how to select a heater for your home. But first, what are the types of heaters currently available on the market?

Three main types of heaters to consider when choosing a right heater

  1. Convection heaters. A convection or fan heater is a type of heater that uses convection to transmit heat through the movement of gas or liquid. It’s designed to heat an entire room and some have fans while others don’t. It’s not as powerful as a radiant heater and it’s ideal for people with asthma or allergies.
  2. Radiant heaters. Radiant heaters are one of the most common heaters in the market today. They work by converting electricity into infrared radiation. They are mostly ideal for warming small spaces with low ceilings. They warm personal spaces quickly but they take time to heat the entire room.
  3. Oil heaters. Oil heaters are quite similar in appearance to old-school radiators, but they are smaller. The heating element is normally dipped in oil that’s being heated. This causes the surrounding air to warm up.

How to choose a right heater (Five features to consider)

How to select a heater for your home doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Here are features to consider when selecting one:

  1. Humidity. Room heaters tend to use the oxygen available indoors so as to provide warmth. This can however lower indoor humidity levels, especially if the room is small. Low humidity levels can result in health issues such as dry eyes, nasal irritation and blocked nose. Ensure you select a heater that maintains normal levels of humidity.
  2. Energy efficiency and cost. Heavy-duty appliances can skyrocket your energy bills. Ensure you select a heater that is green and saves energy. Also, the heater you choose has to justify its price. Ensure you compare the prices of different heaters before choosing the right one.
  3. Portability. If you wish to have a heater that you can easily move to any room, then you should consider its portability and weight.
  4. Heating speed. It’s vital to check reviews on the heater you intend to acquire. This can help you know if people are complaining about its heating speed and efficiency.
  5. Wattage and heating capacity. The greater the heating capacity of the heater, the superior the heating. For instance, a 2000 Watt heater is ideal for heating a space of about 200 square feet.

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