How to Pick the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor

Moncrief Heating and Air Conditioning technicians repairing a heating system and helping customer pick the right commercial HVAC contractor

There are a plethora of HVAC contractors in Atlanta. This is great news when it comes to choice, but bad news when it comes to making a decision. With so many options, how can you choose?

Well, first things first, do your research. Get online, ask friends and other businesses, and post in neighborhood chats to get recommendations and feedback on potential options. Then, evaluate all the HVAC professionals on your list with care.

Vetting HVAC contractors in Atlanta

1. Make Sure They Are HVAC Specialists

Not everyone willing to work on your HVAC system in Midtown knows the ins and outs of these parts of your home or business. In fact, in many cases, they are just a dude with tools and a truck. Make sure anyone hired to work on your HVAC system is trained and certified to do so.

2. Eliminate Those Who Don’t Work With Your Type of System

For example, a commercial HVAC contractor won’t deliver the best results on a residential system, and the reverse is also true. However, do keep in mind that many companies will do both. They either have different technicians for different systems or ensure theirs are trained to work with all types of HVAC systems.

3. Ask to See Their License

All commercial HVAC technicians should be licensed by the state. During the vetting process, ask them to provide you with copies of their documentation. If they are legit, they will gladly make a copy or send over a PDF of their license. If a contractor is hesitant about providing this, walk away.

4. Talk to Past Customers

Most commercial HVAC companies have a long list of businesses they have worked with who’d they’d be happy to connect with you. When you get these references, talk to them about anything that concerns you, such as the impact on customer experience and downtime in service related to HVAC repairs or installation.

5. Compare Their Bid

You want to get bids from at least three different HVAC companies in Atlanta before you make your choice. Be sure to compare their bids and ask that they are detailed, so you can see where your money would be going. If you find there is a significant difference in estimates, don’t be afraid to ask the companies why their offer is so much cheaper or more expensive than their competitors before writing them off. You might find that there is a good reason for the discrepancy.