How to Calculate Air Changes Per Hour: Understanding HVAC in Buckhead

How to Calculate Air Changes Per Hour: Understanding HVAC in Buckhead

Air changes per hour (ACH) are the most critical factors in determining comfort and air quality in residential and commercial spaces. This is an important parameter for air filtration and climate control systems, given their impact on the efficiency of pollutant removals and the consistency of comfortable environments. That said, knowing how to calculate air changes per hour will help you bring improvements to your HVAC. 

What Air Changes Per Hour Means for Your Space 

ACH means the number of times that the air is circulated on a single-hour basis inside any given space. High ACHs provide good indoor air quality by reducing pollutants, odors, and moisture in the environment, hence ensuring good health. It's crucial for settings like homes, offices, and healthcare facilities.

How Air Changes Affect Comfort and Air Quality

ACH controls the temperature and humidity of the air. Good circulation of air ensures proper circulation of conditioned air throughout, thus avoiding stagnant areas and, consequently, maintaining a constant climate within. This adds to comfort but contributes to the life of HVAC components due to decreased stressors.

Why Calculating ACH Is Important 

It helps homeowners achieve the best HVAC performance by achieving defined air quality goals and comfort. Be it the control of allergens and odors or compliance with ventilation standards, the ACH required in a room will help you achieve proper air balancing in your home through the HVAC system.

How to Measure Air Changes Per Hour for a Room: The Formula and Example Calculation 

You will be required to know the volume of the room and your HVAC's airflow rate. After that, apply the formula: ACH = CFMx60/Room Volume, where CFM is the airflow rate in cubic feet per minute and Room Volume is the volume of the room in cubic feet.

Example: Say the volume of the room is 1,200 cubic feet, and the volume of air the HVAC system is going to supply is 200 CFM. Thus, ACH = 200x60/1,200 = 10. This means the air is changed out 10 times per hour.

Boost Your Indoor Space Through Trustworthy Service 

Proper ACH will ensure high-quality indoor air and comfort in every space. For professional assessment and maintenance of your HVAC in Buckhead, trust Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning. With our experience in AC and HVAC services, we guarantee results that are efficient and according to your needs. Call today and see a marked improvement in your indoor air quality and comfort.