How To Adjust The HVAC Fan Speed

Outdoor Unit of Central AC

When it comes to air conditioning, adjusting your fan speed can be a great way to improve energy efficiency and lower your utility bills. However, there can be risks to your system involved. So make sure to read this article fully before adjusting your AC fan. That way you can enjoy comfort without adding more to your expenses.

Reasons To Adjust Your AC's Fan Speed

Your AC might not be cooling as well as it should be, so increasing the fan speed is one solution to help it circulate more cool air. As the unit gets older, your fan speed can be increased to help energy efficiency. For more information about ideal settings for energy efficiency, read this article.

How To Adjust Fan Speed On An HVAC System

An AC fan is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). The higher the RPM, the more air that's going to circulate. That's why it can affect your AC performance positively when you adjust your fan.

You can either adjust it manually or automatically. A manual adjustment means changing all the settings yourself. Automatically means using a sensor that detects changes in humidity and temperature and then adjusts it for you.

If your fan needs to be manually adjusted, it's best to call the experts. They know how to adjust the AC fan speed for every type of unit.

The Risks Of Adjusting Your Own AC Fan

You could cause overheating or even break the unit permanently if you try to adjust your own AC fan. And if it's too low, then

it may simply not circulate properly.

You could also strain the motor, which is going to cause additional repair or replacement costs. So understanding how to adjust the fan speed on an AC unit is tricky. It might seem nice to go the DIY route, but you risk damaging your system.

Safety When Adjusting Your AC Fan

There's some risks when adjusting your AC unit. That's why you should always consult the owner's manual or preferably have expert technicians come out for HVAC services in Atlanta.

Only small adjustments should be made at one time for the fan. A dramatic change could cause overheating, as mentioned above. And you should be monitoring the fan closely for any changes or issues to keep in mind. Otherwise, a house fire is a potential risk.

Hire Professionals To Change Your Air Conditioner Fan Setting

Contact the experts in AC installation in Atlanta today. At Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how to adjust the fan speed on a Goodman air handler or any kind of HVAC unit.

That way, you and your family can enjoy ideal temperatures no matter what time of year it is.