How Much Value Will A New HVAC System Add to My Home

Family in living room enjoying the value of a new HVAC system in home

There are lots of ways to increase the value of your home and make you more money e.g adding a swimming pool, adding style in rooms, opening up the floor plan, using a more appealing paint for your home etc. But have you ever wondered if a new HVAC system could add any resale value to your home?

If you’re planning on reselling your home soon, let’s say in the next 5 years, it’s vital to consider whether your renovation costs will increase the value of the home. So how much does a new HVAC system add to the value of a house? 

Are HVAC upgrades to increase home value worth it?

How much value does HVAC add to the house? Well, there’s no exact and direct answer to that question but most real estate specialists agree that you should expect a 35-50%  return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, a new HVAC system in a home can get buyers more interested in buying the house and hence close the sale. An old HVAC system in a home may detract potential buyers.

If you’re unaware of the HVAC upgrades to increase home value, here's what to consider:

  • Is it mandatory in your home area to have air conditioning? If not, you won’t see any need of acquiring a new one.
  • Will your system require new ductwork? If yes, consider the expenses of replacing it.
  • Is your HVAC system working optimally? If yes, acquiring a new one may not be necessary.

Things to look for when buying a new HVAC system

The brand name of the HVAC system.

For most people, the brand that made the system matters. If you've heard of the brand or seen its advertisements on media and seen positive testimonials of other buyers, then you should consider it.

How energy efficient is the system?

This is a major consideration for most home buyers. Who wouldn’t want to save money on monthly electric bills?

Is it green enough?

Going green can greatly help you in marketing your home to potential buyers especially if the system uses solar energy.

Does the system utilize less space?

Most current HVAC systems utilize less space in the home. If it’s small, it means there will be more usable space within the house for storage and activities.

An important point to note when installing a new HVAC system is to have it done properly by a professional. If you need an HVAC Unit in Atlanta, contact Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning if you’re thinking of Hiring Best HVAC company In Atlanta to help you install a new HVAC system.