Guide to HVAC Warranties and Repairs

Exterior HVAC units in an Atlanta backyard

Whether you have a HVAC system installed or you’re planning on acquiring one, you may want to know the terms and types of warranties that come with your HVAC system. What should you look for in a HVAC warranty? How long does it cover? How does it work?

Below, you'll learn the guide to HVAC Warranties and repairs. Ensure you read it carefully before repairing your HVAC under warranty or buying a new one.

HVAC warranty coverage guide

HVAC warranty types

Below are the different HVAC warranty types and what they constitute.

  1. Manufacturer warranties - This warranty type is offered by whoever made the HVAC system you acquired (the manufacturer). It mainly covers manufacturing faults and the related repair works. These warranties are normally regulated by the government to protect consumers. You can register your HVAC with the manufacturer (normally within 60 days of installation).
  2. Extended warranties - These warranties are paid for and offered outside manufacturer warranties. You can have extended warranties when you purchase your HVAC system or prefer signing up later. With extended warranties, your coverage is extended past the duration of the original warranty. It’s not a must to purchase these warranties from the manufacturer since there are other third-party providers that you can purchase from.
  3. Homeowners insurance - This isn’t a warranty but it's worth mentioning since it provides protection in scenarios where HVAC warranties don’t cover. For instance, homeowners insurance would cover unexpected events such as system damage from lightning strikes.
  4. Home warranties - Home warranties are different from homeowners insurance since their main goal is to cover malfunctions that occur from regular use of your HVAC system. One has the freedom of paying an annual or monthly fee – plus a service fee.

HVAC warranty comparison guide

So how do HVAC warranties differ from other types of warranties? If you buy a warranty from, let’s say, a furniture store, you'll work directly with that business in case you need repairs.

However, for HVAC systems, OEM, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer, owns that warranty. For instance, Carrier and Trane which are well known  HVAC brands are all OEMs. A dealer such as Moncrief Heating and Air can however, help in managing the warranty procedure with the manufacturer.

Things to look for in HVAC  warranty plans

You should look for the following warranty details when purchasing a HVAC system:

  • The duration covered by the HVAC warranty.
  • The HVAC installation date.
  • Equipment and parts covered.
  • List of excluded parts.
  • Void warranty causes .
  • How to register the HVAC system for warranty.
  • How to file a claim.
  • Cost of labor.

How long are HVAC units under warranty?

Normally, HVAC units are covered for between 12 to 15 years under warranty. This however depends hugely on the manufacturer and whether you followed the warranty terms.

If you want to learn more about HVAC warranties, or if you’re looking for Heating and Air Companies in Atlanta or HVAC Sandy Springs, contact Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning for your HVAC System Atlanta today.