Exploring The Best AC Temperature For Sleeping

Exploring The Best AC Temperature For Sleeping

If you've ever tried to sleep when it's too hot or humid, then you know how difficult it is to get deep rest. Everyone knows that having the right temperature when you sleep helps you fall asleep faster and feel better when you wake up.

But you might be wondering what the best temperature for AC at night is. In this post, let's discuss what science says about the right thermostat settings when you sleep. That way you can adjust your thermostat to just the perfect level.

How Temperature Affects Sleep

Before getting into the best AC temp for sleeping, let’s talk about the relationship between sleep and air temperature.

At night your body actually cools down when it's getting ready to sleep. Therefore the warmer the temperature is in your room, the longer it will take you to be ready to get some good shut eye.

Research shows that the ambient temperature can drop throughout the night by as much as two degrees. This can affect your REM sleep stage if you don't set your air conditioning at the right temperature to compensate for it.

Additionally, if the temperature is too high your immune system and other bodily functions can be negatively affected.

The Best Air Conditioner Temperature For Sleeping

Everyone has a different core temperature. Therefore, it's not likely that there's one temperature that will be perfect for everyone. However, the National Sleep Foundation does suggest that the ideal AC temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 67 degrees.

For young children and infants, the best AC temp for sleeping is somewhere between 67 and 69 degrees.

Now, please note that the Department of Energy suggests a temperature of 82 degrees when sleeping and 78 degrees while awake. But this is from an organization that strives to improve energy efficiency, so keep that in mind.

If you want to split the difference, you can balance comfort with energy efficiency, such as 70 degrees at night for adults. Your ideal sleep temperature is always up to you though.

Ultimately, trial and error is the best way to determine when you're most comfortable at night. And keep in mind that in order to achieve the best temperature to sleep, air conditioning should be adjusted beforehand.

Give yourself about 20 minutes before lying down to give your system time to cool the room down. This is due to how central AC works by first cooling the air then distributing it through vents.

Sleep Monitoring

You could consider installing a sleep monitor app on your phone that tells you what kind of deep sleep you had that evening. By testing several different temperatures over a couple of nights, you can achieve a happy medium.

How Humidity Plays A Role

The optimal relative humidity (RH) is around 30 to 50%. If you live in a particularly humid environment, you may consider getting a dehumidifier to achieve ideal sleep.

Also keep in mind that your preferences may change over time. While it's great to listen to official organizations, your own body ultimately is the key to knowing how you feel best.

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