Essential Equipment for Commercial Kitchens: HVAC Make-Up Unit

Commercial kitchen with an HVAC unit

Commercial kitchens are busy places with loads of activities happening at the same time. It’s for this reason that commercial kitchens deserve a HVAC system that’s well-designed. Lack of proper make up air units HVAC means your kitchen staff and customers could be susceptible to air quality problems and even diseases. This could in turn greatly affect your restaurant business.

Why commercial kitchen make up air units are essential in restaurants

The reason why commercial HVAC in Atlanta make up air units are important is because they add replacement air to your kitchen to replace the air being sucked out by your kitchen's exhaust hood. They accomplish this by pulling air into your kitchen from outside, then conditioning it  to the temperature inside. Failure to have a make up air unit will result in negative air pressure, cold walls, poor temperature control and air quality issues.

Problems that can be avoided with a restaurant make up air unit

Unpleasant odors.

By having a restaurant make up air unit set up in your kitchen, you’ll prevent unpleasant odors from sneaking into your dining room. You definitely don’t want unpleasant odors from the kitchen interfering with your customers' dining experience. Bad odors from the kitchen could turn  away your customers and negatively affect your business.

Door problems.

Door problems can be caused by negative air pressure, which is a big problem that you definitely don’t want in your restaurant. It simply means that the air pressure inside the kitchen doesn't balance. This can cause cross drafts. You may find it hard to shut down doors that close inwards. You may also find it hard to open doors that swing outwards. Dust and dirt can also be drawn in from the doors' bottom. Doors that keep slamming can also affect those dining in your restaurant.

Higher electric bills.

Minus a make up unit, outside air will not be pulled into the kitchen and this will cause your HVAC system to overwork in order to maintain the thermostat temperature readings set. When your HVAC system overworks, your electric bills will go higher and you definitely don’t want that. Installing a make up unit ensures the air supply is adequate, the air pressure is balanced and expenses are lowered.

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Cold walls.

Without a make up unit, the lack of air balance in the kitchen can cause your walls to be cold. Your restaurant customers will definitely not like that experience.

Grease on your kitchen appliances and surfaces.

If you don’t have a make up unit, your kitchen's exhaust hood can’t perform effectively. This can cause grease to cling onto your kitchen appliances and surfaces. This will mean more cleaning work for your staff.

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