Common Heating Mistakes That Can Cost You (And How To Avoid Them)

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Do you enjoy making mistakes? Of course not! As a homeowner, making home heating mistakes is inevitable, but you can avoid and learn from them. Some of these home heating mistakes will cost you time, some will cost you money and some will cost you both.

In this post, you'll learn the common heating mistakes that will cost you as a homeowner. If you can learn from these mistakes (done by homeowners before you), then you can avoid the tragedies and problems that will come your way – during your home ownership journey. Life is a great teacher. You can learn the hard way or you can learn from someone else.

4 Common Heating Mistakes That Spike Your Bills

Here are the 4 common home heating mistakes that spike your bills:

Forgetting/ignoring maintenance.

As simple as it may sound, forgetting/ignoring preventive HVAC maintenance is one of the most common heating mistakes that are costing you. This mistake can negatively affect the efficiency and power of your HVAC unit. It’s advisable you regularly conduct preventive maintenance in the spring or during fall. This will prepare your unit in the upcoming cold season. You can also sign up for Moncrief HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contracts. It covers a wide range of options such as scheduled inspections, air filter maintenance, 24/7 emergency services etc.

Cranking up your thermostat.

If you think the solution to eliminating cold in your home is by turning the thermostat reading way up, then you're wrong. Running your heater at its greatest capacity will lower its efficiency and lifespan. This is because setting your thermostat reading higher causes your HVAC to run longer and harder. We recommend keeping your thermostat between 68 and 72 degrees, turning it up higher during the summer and lower during the winter. Or, simply get a programmable thermostat and set your minimum and maximum temperatures. Dad was right after all!

Forgetting to regularly change air filters.

Air filters prevent dust and debris from entering your home. If you fail to replace your air filters, regularly, dust and debris will build up and cause your system to overwork, thus spiking your utility bills. Depending on the quality of the air filter, you should replace your filter every month (for cheap fiberglass filters) or every six months (for pleated filters).

Not sealing doors and windows with cracks/gaps.

Your doors and windows may have cracks/gaps that, if not sealed, will let in more cold into your home. This may cause your heater to overwork thus skyrocketing your energy bills.

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If you've experienced the above common home heating mistakes, you’re not alone. You can always prevent them in the future. Also, if you’re experiencing issues with your AC such as Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling, contact Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning for HVAC Service Atlanta.