Can air purifiers prevent cold & flu

Air purifier in Atlanta living room prevent cold flu

They are microscopic, they make you sick and anyone in your home can easily pass it to you in the air through a sneeze. That’s right, we’re talking about cold and flu viruses. We all enjoy the benefits air purifiers provide in our homes but have you contracted flu or

you're simply curious if air purifiers aid in preventing cold and flu? 

People have underestimated sneezes but a study showed that sneezes, in which some certain infectious droplets, can travel further than previously thought. And not only that, these droplets can float in the air around us for hours, making our homes stuffy and the air infectious to anyone indoors. All these could be symptoms of poor indoor air quality. Studies have shown that proper ventilation and airflow can help prevent cold and flu viruses.

What's an air purifier (and what are the benefits?)

An air purifier is basically a device that eliminates pollutants from the air inside our homes or room. It purifies air so that you can breathe clean and healthy air while indoors. Air purifiers are known to help asthmatic and allergic people. They can also eliminate smoke such as that of tobacco from our rooms.

The best place to place your air purifier within your home

It's recommended you select a location within your indoor space that is not blocked by obstacles such as furniture or shelves. Your purifiers should be placed at a free location where it has a view of the entire room - to suck in as many particles as possible.

Can air purifiers prevent cold & flu?

Do air purifiers prevent flu? Yes, though not just any type of air purifier can do that. It has to be specialized. There are a number of air purifiers that eliminate viruses and greatly reduce chances of you contracting cold and flu.

 These air purifiers use UV light to eliminate viruses that cause cold and flu. Unlike other purifiers, they don't capture the virus using a filter. So, if you plan on acquiring an air purifier that can kill flu viruses, look for ones with UV light features.

It's worth noting that there are different types of viruses, not just flu and cold viruses. These purifiers can kill additional virus types, so it's not limited. It's also worth noting that UV

light air purifiers don't guarantee that you'll not contract flu. You have to take personal responsibility by frequently washing your hands, disinfecting your home etc.

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