Air Conditioner Capacitor: What Does It Do?

Air Conditioner Capacitor: What Does It Do?

Air conditioner capacitors are devices that are often overlooked or under-appreciated until something goes wrong. Knowing what these capacitors do is instrumental in appreciating how important they are to your overall comfort. So, what is the work of a capacitor in an air conditioner? This article has you covered.

What Is an Air Conditioner Capacitor? 

A capacitor for an AC unit is designed to store and discharge electrical energy. In essence, it is the provision that offers that first shock of electricity that gets key components running and drives the cooling process.

What Is the Work of Capacitors in an Air Conditioner? 

Now, if the thermostat has been turned off, the capacitor picks up the charge to provide the startup power to the compressor. It just stores the energy and discharges it in a single shot to provide the jumpstart needed by the motor to turn on again. This overlap ensures a smooth start of the fan motor and effective ongoing operation, especially in the case of the compressor. This furthers viable air circulation as well as heat dissipation.

What Happens if Your AC Capacitor Is Faulty? 

If your capacitor is bad, your air conditioner may just plain not start or be able to bear the strain. Some of the symptoms include the AC unit humming but the fan or the compressor not doing