AC Duct Size Tips: What You Should Know

AC Duct Size Tips: What You Should Know

While you enjoy the benefits of your HVAC system every day, you might not find yourself thinking about your ducts that often. Still, this is an incredibly important component of your HVAC system. It helps ensure proper airflow and the right level of heating and cooling, depending on the temperature outside.

That being said, there's somewhat of an art and science when it comes to having the right HVAC duct sizes. Let's explore what that means for your AC unit:

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The Importance Of HVAC Duct Sizing

Every HVAC duct is unique in terms of its size that should be suited specifically for your space. Some of the issues with improperly sizing ductwork are that oftentimes ducts are too large.

Large Ducts

Good HVAC air duct sizing should distribute air evenly and efficiently across your system. While larger ducts can help with airflow, it won't help if your system isn't powerful enough to push that air through in the first place.

Every HVAC system needs a delicate balance of air pressure that allows the ducts to push the air through correctly. Therefore, if your ducts are too large, it's actually self-defeating. You may need some duct repair, insulation, or maintenance to correct the issue.

Small Ducts

Just like the ducts being too large can create issues, small ducts can also cause problems. There might actually be too much pressure, and the excess pressure could back up your HVAC system. This creates resistance in the blower fan, which then needs to work harder to distribute the air.

Overall, this will use more electricity and power, causing higher electricity and utility bills while reducing the output. It can also cause your air conditioner system to break down faster.

Of course, this brings more repair and maintenance bills along with it. That's why it's important to hire HVAC experts who can properly size your ducts.

Factors That Determine Proper HVAC Duct Sizing

Some of the things to keep in mind when looking at the right size for your HVAC ducts are: the ceiling, noise levels, insulation, size of the rooms and overall home, and areas where the ductwork needs to be retrofitted.

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