5 Difficulties With Running Your AC Without a Filter

Woman holding up 5 fingers to show the 5 difficulties of running air conditioning without a filter

As a homeowner, you have to juggle a lot of responsibilities and information. From when to get different types of maintenance done to having a working understanding of your plumbing system, purchasing a house is a crash course in being an adult.

It is essential that you know how to properly care for all elements in your home, including yourHVAC unit in Atlanta. This system is essential to your comfort and health. And central to is are your air filters.

Is a Dirty Filter Really a Problem?

Yes, it sure is. If your filter is dirty, air cannot flow properly, and your home is more likely to see an accumulation of dust and debris. Your air filter should always be clean. Otherwise, your health and home are at risk.

Worse than even a dirty filter is running your AC without a filter at all.

What happens if you don't have an air filter in your house? Here are five common problems to encounter when your filters either aren’t clean or are missing altogether.

1. Condensate Drain Blockage

The condensate drain is the exit point for condensation and other moisture within your air conditioning unit in Atlanta. When your filter is dirty or missing, this drain won’t work correctly. This then increases the humidity levels in your home as a whole, allowing for mold and mildew to grow.

2. Dirty Condenser Coils

Inside your air conditioner unit are condenser coils filled with Freon. These coils are how your unit cools the air that is them pumped throughout your house. Because of how they work, these tubes are always covered with condensation. Without a filter, debris blows across these coils and gets stuck, causing them to stop functioning correctly.

3. Motor and Compressor Malfunctions

The number one cause of issues with both the motor and the compressor is dirt buildup. Your filter should be stopping dirt, pet hair, and other particulates from ever reaching these parts of your system. When your filter fails to do this or isn’t in place, the motor and compressor get dirty and eventually fail to work properly.

4. Increased Indoor Air Pollution

Your filters don’t just protect your air conditioner; they also protect you by reducing the air pollution levels in your home. When they aren’t doing their job, you breathe in more particulates and experience greater difficulty breathing.

5. Higher Energy Bills

As an HVAC service in Atlanta will tell you, when your HVAC system has to strain to work due to either a clogged filter or dirt buildup from a missing one, it raises your energy bills sky-high. Protect your home and bank account by keeping your filters clean and in place.

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