5 Common Furnace Smells and What They Mean

Man pinching his nose to block out smell from HVAC system

Furnace smells: they happen from time to time. But when your furnace smells funny, it can be cause for alarm. Why does your furnace smell, and what does this odor mean? That's what we'll be explaining today.

1) Burnt Dust

This is a furnace smell we have all experienced before. While you might not realize that burnt dust is what that odor is like, you know to expect it when your furnace fist turns on at the start of each cold-weather season. When this furnace smell occurs, it's often just the dust that has built up on your furnace getting heated up by the heat kicking on. It goes away the more you use your heating in Atlanta.

2) Metallic of Plastic Smells

These furnace smells can be a little harder to pinpoint. They often seem like they might be coming from the furnace, but in reality, they could actually mean that there is damage happening elsewhere and it's causing your furnace to give off certain odors when switched on. The metallic or plastic smell of a furnace typically indicates that something has gone wrong and components are overheating.

3) Rotten Eggs

If your furnace smells like rotten eggs, it means there is a gas leak in your furnace. This is very dangerous. Since natural gas has no smell, additives are used to make the scent unpleasant, ensuring it will catch your attention. If this smell happens, immediately turn off your furnace and the gas supply, then contact an emergency furnace repair professional for help.

4) Mildew Smells

Mildew smells are another furnace smell that means there is potential damage happening in your furnace. This happens because when moisture builds up, it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. When this occurs, not only will you notice a funny odor coming from your furnace, but also be able to see the mold and mildew with your own eyes in some cases

5) Sweaty Feet

The unpleasant odor of sweat is due to the presence of bacteria. Similarly, when you smell this funky stench from your furnace, it means that you have a build-up of bacteria somewhere in the system that needs to be eliminated.

If you notice any of these furnace smells, contact the emergency furnace repair professionals at Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning immediately to ensure no damage is done to your furnace! Our furnace repair in Atlanta will take care of you.