Prepare for power outages with a Generac® generator—as an authorized dealer, we work with you to figure out what system is best suited for your needs.

Be prepared for the next power outage with a generator. Whether you’re interested in keeping the bare necessities running or are looking to power your entire home during the next outage, we’re here to help you find the generator that’s right for you and your budget.
As your partner in home comfort, Moncrief wants to ensure your home is prepared for even the most unpredictable times.


Power Your Appliances
Whether you’re interested in keeping your entire home or business running, or just want to have access to the essentials, having a generator that can adequately power your appliances is key to getting through a power outage. Generators can be especially useful for keeping medical necessities online and maintaining your food at safe temperatures.

Stay Comfortable—and Safe
Severe storms and tornadoes are a fixture of our Southern climate, which means power outages are too. Being without power—and basic heating and cooling—can be worse than uncomfortable—it can be dangerous. A generator that will ensure that your home or business remains a safe and comfortable environment for your family, your employees, and your customers, no matter what Atlanta’s weather throws your way.

Guard Against Flood Damage
Heavy storms mean flash floods. While your home may have an electric sump pump to combat any problems flooding may cause, when a power outage strikes, you’ll find yourself out of luck. Our technicians are equipped to help you choose the generator that will keep your sump-pump running, no matter how severe the storm.

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