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Air Duct Cleaning in Atlanta, GA

At Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning, we receive hundreds of calls each month from Atlanta, GA, residents complaining of poor indoor air quality, strange smells and other similar issues. Unfortunately, many people believe the culprit behind these issues is their HVAC system. This is not entirely true. In fact, a single component of your system may be causing all these issues - the ducts.

Our professional team in Atlanta, GA offers air duct cleaning services to remove all the dust, dirt and other debris that may have accumulated in your ducts. Think about it - everything in your home's duct system is being circulated through your air, over and over again. When we remove it, your home's air quality will improve and eliminate a number of other common issues as well.

Trust Us for Superior Duct Cleaning Services

You can't trust just anyone to clean your ducts. At Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning in Atlanta, GA we have a duct cleaning expert who will inspect your ducts, clean them and provide images displaying the before and after of your ducts. When you hire an air duct cleaning company, you need to know they can provide the services they offer. We have proved time and again we offer quality, reliable services to meet your needs.

Trust Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning For Your Air Duct Cleaning Needs

Are you searching for air duct cleaning in Atlanta? If so, our team provides superior duct cleaning throughout Atlanta, GA. We can ensure your home receives the cleaning services you need.

Request an appointment to learn more about the duct cleaning services we offer in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

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Why Trust Us For Air Duct Cleaning Services in Atlanta, GA?

Indoor air quality, especially during cold and flu season, is extremely important. Poor indoor air quality can cause problems with allergies, asthma, and respiratory illness. Indoor air quality depends on a variety of factors, including humidity, your air filter, and how clean your ducts are. If your ducts are full of dust, dander, hair, and allergens, your indoor air quality is going to suffer.

For this reason, homeowners should look at getting their air ducts cleaned every three years or so. Who better to trust than Atlanta’s oldest HVAC company? We’ve been helping improve indoor air quality for over 120 years, even before people were concerned with the dangers of poor indoor air quality. We remove dust, dander, pollen, hair, and any other pollutants from your ducts so that you can breathe fresh, clean air.

At Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer both residential and commercial air duct cleaning. No job is too big for us.

If you want to get a quote for air duct cleaning services in Atlanta, give us a call at 404-350-2300 or schedule an appointment online!

FAQs for Air Duct Cleaning Services in Atlanta

How much does air duct cleaning cost?

There are many companies that offer super low price air duct cleaning, however our take is that they’re not providing you the whole picture. Air duct cleaning is labor intensive and has to be done with special equipment. Do your research before committing to an air duct cleaning service!   The main factors that impact the cost of air duct cleaning are the size of your home and the number of ducts in it. Some homes will take longer to clean than others, and that’s to be expected. For this reason, we require that you submit a request for a quote for air duct cleaning.   Residential air duct cleaning and commercial air duct cleaning differ in price, as well.   If you want an honest quote for air duct cleaning, give us a call or book online to learn more!

How long does air duct cleaning take?  

Air duct cleaning doesn’t take nearly as long as some jobs. However, it depends, just like cost does, on the size of your home and the number of ducts that there are.   Most homes will have their air ducts fully cleaned within three hours. Larger homes will need a bit more time. We do a thorough air duct cleaning in order to remove any dust, dander, pollen, hair, cobwebs, and anything else that might have taken up residence in your ducts.   If you’re asking about a commercial air duct cleaning job, that is likely to take much longer. Commercial air duct cleaning requires a lot more labor and takes more time to clean to our standards. However, you should not have to experience any shutdowns during the time that the air ducts are being cleaned.

How often should you have air duct cleaning done?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about air duct cleaning and its benefits. Air duct cleaning is a service that helps remove the dust and debris that has collected in your air ducts due to long periods of moving air through the ducts. The main benefit is that the air stays clean and you don’t have to worry as much about dirty air being pumped through your vents.   We recommend getting air duct cleaning every three years or so. You should get air duct cleaning more often if you have more people in your house or if you have pets. Getting your air ducts cleaned every three years will prevent too much dust and other pollutants from collecting in the ducts.   A good air filter captures most of the dust that goes through the system, but if it’s clogged, air ducts are more likely to collect dust and other allergens. If you aren’t changing your air filter as often, air duct cleaning will need to be done more often. We recommend keeping on top of air filter maintenance.

How do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

Your air ducts should be cleaned every three years or so, but you may need air duct cleaning now. We recommend looking out for the following signs:   Excess dust in the home. If your home seems very dusty despite the fact that you’re always cleaning up, then it means that dusty, dirty air may be blowing through your vents. Check the air supply and return vents that are on the outside of your home. If you see visible dust on the outside, then you might be in need of air duct cleaning.   Your air flow is being affected. If you notice that air isn’t coming into the vents as much as it should be, and you see no issues with your blower or AC unit, then you might have an obstruction that needs to be removed.

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